Rewind: Youth

via Daily Prompt: Youth

In that denim jacket, Sabrina Henrique looked totally rad. The haphazard clutter of polaroids by the wall in the attic usually lights up by this time day; well, exactly after the sun hits her window pane. A jacket from decades ago one might assume would look a soiled piece of rag. But the woman is too keen. Oh! the rugged piece of a wardrobe; how profoundly it shrouds her lean contours.

And just like that crazy lunatic from the subway, she hums a tune of her own. Her teeth clutter but the melody causes her chapped lips to transform into a smile. And her eyes, permanently glued on the crazy collage. There’s a picture from that one time she got a Beatles tattoo. And another from the time she went skinny dipping. Yet another with her in a denim jacket, only younger.


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