A Rainy Day

It certainly is the most clichéd thing to write about but, for starters, have you ever wondered why? Having an essay by rote for tests sure was the best alternative during school. Now that I’m older, it occurs to me that the answer was always waiting outside my balcony, in awkwardly timed afternoon showers, dancing around puddles while it held that yellow umbrella I always wished I had.

June 9, 2016

Dharamshala is rainy as ever. Having escaped the scorching Hamirpur summers is the best thing. It’s been eighteen days since I left college. College routine was tiring. I remember struggling, trying to wake myself up and dragging myself to the classroom. This new (temporary, though) couch potato routine is, sure, catching up with my lazy self. I mean, I can actually observe my tummy growing and my body literally merging with my bed. Rainy days give all the more reason to hone this lethargy. To be honest, the only thing that’s self-assuring is “I would’ve done a lot if it weren’t raining!” I’m pathetic.

June 10, 2016


College life is so much better. You’re busy all day copying assignments, surfing internet for hours, waiting for samosas on Mondays, ranting about how bad the teachers are, oh! And also about the alien-like mess food.

And rainy days! All the more reason not to attend lectures. I love my mum, but instead of her, just like college, I’d rather have Mohit, Mandeep, and basically everyone, banging on my room’s door trying to wake me up and then lecture me to attend classes.


It’s pouring rain again. Well, I have this permanent afternoon ritual. I sit by the window watching the rain drench everything, even the little puppies in the neighbourhood. Plus, I almost know where the birds go when it rains. The vacant room next door alone houses forty-eight birds; you do the math.

Back to my routine, my new friends and most treasured possessions are my laptop and my journal. Watching sitcoms is history. I mean I do watch Game of Thrones (I think Arya will make it), but that’s it.

My afternoons consist in scrolling through the various pictures I have from college; there’s one from face painting event, another from this one time I performed at Campus Star (forgive me), and almost numerous to list. And there’s my journal and a few letters people wrote to me; one’s read each day, and I take a deep breath.

Rainy days; it’s a metaphor for the time when you reminisce the memories you make, while baking your first cake, riding your first bike, or maybe walking barefoot in your college campus on a rainy day. And then, years from this day, when you’re sitting in your chair by the window looking out at the city and the pouring rain, you’re driven into flashback and you subconsciously mutter, “Remember that one time when….


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  1. srijan_nith says:

    Good one bro 😉


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