With Love, Manyu. – 1

“The Graduation Goggles”

  In the beginning, I thought that the thing I’m gonna miss most when I graduate is the free internet access. Regardless, I’m gonna miss it like hell. But as the winds from the final semester began to knock on my room’s door, I realized that this parting thing is going to beat the shit out of me. (Excuse the language hereafter)

  It’s hard to think about graduation. I officially missed the last lecture; nevertheless, I remember the last one I attended. While most people were brainstorming ideas about a white shirt purchase for the scribble-day, I had a lot on my plate. Three assignments and a lab file to submit; I was already doomed. As soon as the teacher left the class everyone rushed outside. Now this is actually absurd. I mean, everyone just customarily rushes outside just to customarily stand near the Lecture Hall entrance, and then crack a joke or two on Ramakant or Siddharth and then pace back to class in a minute or so.  I was upset for I wanted everyone to spend some quality time in ‘our’ class. Anyway, I swallowed my pride, grabbed the borrowed camera and followed everyone. I guess the teacher was generous that day ’cause we had full twenty minutes to ourselves that day, so we headed towards the juice bar.

  The day was special as we had Darshan and Ramakant, the prospective joke targets. They literally will never be at peace. Shubham and  Harman, born posers. Siddhartha was camera shy. Rishabh was flexing his biceps. Umesh had his eyes glued on a pack of chips probably. Apoorva, the white girl, made an entrance. Medhavi insisted on getting clicked vividly whist she couldn’t stop giggling. I missed Sood though.We laughed, walked along the road, posed for pictures, infact posed extensively, had some coffee, then posed again. In that moment it occured to me, “We should’ve done it more often!”. As we paced back for the next lecture, the road was apparently holding us back and we took like forever to reach the class. Of couse, we took a couple of pictures more.

  By the time we reached, the next lecture had already begun. Meanwhile I put the camera in my bag and continued with the assignment. And my friend Harman turned around and said “Thank you for today!”. And, something shatterproof in me broke.

The one with awesome people.



The one where Darshan & Siddu love Bhalu.



The one where Darshan hates the white girl.


The one with everyone but Darshan.





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