A Walk To Remember

The last time I remember phasing out was when Ms. Valerie was diligently distributing the test papers from last week’s test. So, she called out my name three times and I just sat there. I mean I was almost hearing her, but better things to worry about then was the imaginary date I was on with Rachel. Man, I was about to get lucky when, thanks to Ms. Valerie, I snapped me out of it. For some reason though, she didn’t lecture me. I hope I didn’t say anything stupid.

So this daydreaming thing, I do it quite often. In fact, I munch on Cheetos every day, spend hours on my Xbox and daydream. Yea, that’s my schedule. Only sometimes, I like to play guitar, but we’ll get to that later.

Basically, I’m heads over heels over this girl Lucy. She’s all kinds of perfect. Wait! Don’t already consider me a perv. Rachel is this imaginary girl I crush on. Lucy is great. She hangs out with me quite often. Rachel, on the other hand, is awesome-er. I happened to tell her about Lucy and she’s cool about it. I swear I’m a good Christian, and I hope this does not count as something extra-marital, if it’s a thing. I really hope it doesn’t.

Rachel doesn’t really like Lucy. She hates how Lucy smells like the white tulips at Tiffiny’s. And that Lucy is a better dresser. Rachel is smart; Lucy is still smart-er, she helps me with my assignments.

Last I met Rachel, she was all kinds of upset, for I was away for the entire afternoon sitting with Luce under the willow in my backyard. She wouldn’t talk to me. It’s really hard to talk her out of things; but this time, it didn’t seem that difficult. Without much ado, she hugged me and said, “This Lucy girl, she’s a b**ch. She’s not into you. Are you blind or what Brandon?”. She asserted,”Don’t you remember how last week she was caught with the Quarterback’s tongue in her mouth. I hate what she’s doing to you. She hangs around only ’cause you have a fancy mansion and a jacuzzi. Did you two even go out on a single date?”.

I was somewhat skeptical and later affirmative of what Rachel was saying. “I shouldn’t tell Rachel things.”, I thought. Suddenly, Rachel held me by my hand and a few teardrops rolled down her eyes. That stupid Ed Sheeran love song began to play in the background and soon we were in the midst of a vineyard, perfectly lit with the setting sun and a trailing night sky. I looked at Rachel’s lipgloss smile while drops of the saline drizzle touched her cheeks. Even with that rain-kissed hair, she looked flawless. We walked by the trenches, we danced all night; only until I was woken up by a sudden bang on the door.

My mom opened the door. When I saw Luce, I snapped out of my Rachel-land. Rachel is awesome ’cause she’s the one who supplies me with these amazing ideas to impress Lucy. I really want to slow dance with Luce like I did with Rachel. There’s just this one thing about my silly feet, they never move…


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  1. Saroj Thakur says:

    A lovely post…enjoyed every word of it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Abhimanyu says:

      Thankyou mam 🙂


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