Burning the Midnight Crayons

The first memory of an achievement of any kind traces back to my kindergarten days when I won the second prize in a drawing competition. And I bet most would budge and fake a smile. Okay! Truth time, I drew a tree. Literally, how often do you see a house, mountains, a river, a tree and a hideous cartoon, scribbled in crayons, all at once?! Nonetheless, my mum still owns that “masterpiece”, all framed.

My mother, a non-artist, was in no mood to help me prepare for the competition. She bribed another kid in the neighbourhood to teach me instead. Mostly I was all unto myself, with multiple crayons in my hand, drawing anything and everything. So, I continued to draw and went on forever; and suddenly realised I was all out of paper. I wish I could reason back then, but the very next moment, I was scribbling yet another classic on my neighbour’s school notebook! The funny part is, I actually assumed I had created something awesome. I rushed to him, mostly to feel a pat on my shoulders, and the next thing I remember is experiencing a thud of a lightning fast slap on my face. Maybe I exaggerated the details for the sake of the story, but I’m pretty sure my mum came storming, snatched my drawing book and colours, and carried me back home.

We were up all night, with her struggling to teach me how to draw a tree. Each time I ended up drawing a humungous green candle. But she never lost her cool. Damn! I have always pondered how a non-artist was able to sketch so perfectly that night. Well, ever since, I’m pretty sure I’ve never lost to anyone in a drawing competition; but the fact that only one of my artworks is framed, must say something.


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